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Membership conditions

Tobecome a Sportdate member you need to be at least 18 years old.
Whenyou register at Sportdate you accept all our membership conditions.

Everything stated below is not permitted at Sportdate:

- To state false information in your user account

- To make racial references and statements

- To publish personal information such as your full name, address,e-mail/e-mail referrals or phone numbers in your      account/profileinformation/blog

- To link to other material, and refer to other sites in your personalpresentation, in blogs/messagesor communicating in general

- To have more then one user account

- To use unauthorized copyright protected material

- To use pictures or text that includes pornographic content or any typeof sexual allusions

- The use of strong and offensive language communicating with othermembers, in blogs or communicating in general

- Personal attacks, fabricating negative nicknames or the use of othermember names without their approval in profiles and blogs

- To advertise other www-addresses, e-mail addresses, events or anythingsimilar without Sportdates approval

- To sell or market services against payment

- To sell commercial services or products

- To launch campaigns against Sportdate, or criticize the services weoffer. If you have a complaint or in anyway need to express your views in anegative fashion, please feel free to do so directly to us through our support

- Activities and actions violating the Swedish law, as well as incitementto crime against the Swedish law

- To copy, spread or forward posts, mail or information in general foundat Sportdate

- Harassment, bullying, or any attempt to pursue contactwith other members who explicitly blocked all communication with you

- To spread or attempt to spread political orreligious views/messages/announcements to other members or through blogs

Sportdates reserves the right to refuse individuals membership.Sportdate alone decides who is granted membership. Sportdate is not responsible for individual member's actions.

Youare solelyresponsible for your actions and that they're in accordance with our Termsof Use Agreement and the currentSwedish legislation.

Asa Sportdate member you agree that any information you provide in yourcreated profile, may be publishedat Sportdate. Youagree to fill your profile in a serious manner.

Youaccept that your profile may be deleted if it contains nosolid information, if you act offensive, orharassing in your communication withother members. Sportdate takes no responsibility for members putting up a profileunder a false identity.

You accept thatyour uploaded personal pictures are shown to other Sportdate members, and thatthey could be shown at Sportdates main page/sign in page/homepage.

You accept thatlimited parts of your data, such as your profile picture and some profileinformation are shown publicly, i.e. visible to anyone on the internet. Thiscan only happen if you create your own blog and choose to go public with it. Ifyou choose not to, it's as easy as un-checking a box under "User account" onthe left-hand side of your main page. To show you blog publicly throughSportdate means that it'll be visible and can be found using search engines onthe internet. It'll also be listed at the bottom of Sportdates homepage.

Youagree thatthe assessment of what is considered serious/offensive/harassing is determined bySportdate. Sportdate is entitled tounilaterally exclude members fromour services, either temporary or an indefiniteperiod, if the member is behavingin a frivolous/offensive/harassing manner.

Sportdate is entitled to send information about Sportdate and from Sportdatespartners, as well as sending commercial messages to current and formermembers via email, SMS, and other similar meansof communication. As a user you have the right to decline thisdistribution and may unsubscribe from these by deregistering from Sportdate'se-mail records.

General information regarding your subscription: You are entitled to terminate your membership at any time and for no particular reason by using the dedicated part of the site intended for this purpose. Such termination shall come into effect upon the first working day following receipt of the notice by Sportdate. Cancellation of a gold Subscription does not entitle a member to reimbursement for time remaining on member subscription at the time of termination of membership. Regardless of what follows according to Sportdate's terms of use, Sportdate reserves the right to terminate the membership and any subscription with immediate effect without prior notice, if a member substantially violates the Terms of Service.In this should occur, a member has no right to compensation or refund. The cancellation is made through Sportdate support.

Weencourage all members to treat eachother with respect, understanding of dissidentsand with the greatest kindness. We wish all members lotsof fun and exciting moments using the services provided at Sportdate!