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Title: Love running! 2011-10-22 12:20:06
Friday running - 10km easy , needed a rest day. Happy that i'm getting through some work, but would like some solid running this weekend before I get stagnant in mediocre land. If not, i'll have to drop the volume next week and take a quality week.

Sat - 20km including 16km@4:05km's. With my best friend, he seemed to be comfortable and finished with a pair of sub 4min km's. It felt very comfy at the time but I pulled up quite sore, was hobbling at work on my right foot (the better one) and canned my afternoon session. Frustrating as I'm feeling fresh and keen for something fast.

Note: I think the garmin was going cuckoo, there was a few strange km's, doesn't matter it felt like a pretty effective workout.
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Love running!