Category: Workout
Title: great session 2011-10-19 22:58:22
Just had one of those fantastic mornings and a great 90 min workout. Stoked, love the sessions when my body…just keeps on going, you now what I mean? Today was one of those days, I felt so energetic, pounding those weights way past my normal reps, blood and happiness gushing through my every vein.

Post workout my energy level is through the roof and I feel invincible, looove it!!!

All those hard and sometimes boring sessions getting to the state i’m at right now was totally worth it the reward is sweet!
Category: Workout
Title: This is really cool! 2011-10-17 23:58:11
Yo all you fitness freaks! I just discovered sportdate, and I have to say I love the concept, spot on! I thoroughly enjoy meeting likeminded people who really get it, working out is the shit. Being able to share experience and ideas whilst perhaps meeting that special someone is just amazing!

I’ll blog in here from time to time, mostly about my own training progress, no more, no less! Well, I’ll obviously include a lot of dietary information as well and anything around it! So, to the gym everyone!!! Don’t forget to eat the right stuff, that’s where it all begins! ;) See ya!
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This is really cool!